Tech assignment

Bellow is my assignment for technology.

I decided to make my assignment trumpet themed. I decided to make a tutorial video explaining to students how to give their trumpet a bath.

I also made an app using Xcode and taught myself how to code. I had zero experience with coding, so this was actually a very new experience for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply this new skill I’ve acquired and create music apps for my students.




Here are some photos of the app as I was working on it


The photo below shows how I used Sibelius 8 to create the assets for the app. I used the “Select Graphic” tool to copy and paste the notes into Word. From there I right clicked and saved each image to a folder for Xcode to access.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 11.26.57 am.png



This image below shows the first time the app was actually looking like an app. There is not any code there at all. It took me 3 hours to achieve this as Xcode doesn’t allow you to drag elements such as buttons and images and lay them out like you would in Word or PowerPoint. I had to specify the behaviour of each application so that it would be able to dynamically change depending on the size of the device it was running on.

Even though I didn’t show it, the app runs perfectly from a screen as small as an iPhone 4S to something as big as a 12.9inch iPad Pro. And everything in between.

If I had to describe this process in one the shortest way possible I would say it is extremely mechanical. But it makes sense.





2 thoughts on “Tech assignment

  1. Your project was so complicated yet amazing that I could barely wrap my head around it. Your efforts in learning to code are commendable, as is your signing up for a third-year course in second year. Well done!


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